The view from the Republican rebels

The Cheney conundrum encapsulates the dilemma facing these rebels. While they may want to go hard at Trump, if the Republican voters still demand the uncut orange crazy, their mission is a kamikaze one. On the other hand, if they do nothing, it’s not hard to figure out who the crocodile is going to chomp next.

Heads they risk getting eaten, tails they risk getting eaten.

They all understand how precarious it is, at times it sounds as if they are already eulogizing themselves. South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice said “if {the voters} decide that it’s time for me to come home, that’s OK, too.”

“There’s not a single one that has an ounce of regret, we feel utter peace about it,” said Kinzinger about the votes.

“I think if you do the right thing and you do it for the right reasons, i’m not afraid of the consequences,” Herrera Beutler said.