Teachers are passing on Trump's conspiracy theories to students

Jon Phetteplace was watching news reports about the Capitol attack with his family in Burlington, Wisconsin, on Jan. 6 and was stunned at what he was seeing. His stepson, though, was less shocked. The boy said his history teacher, Jeff Taff, would routinely go on long screeds about supposed election fraud, even when it had nothing to do with the lesson. Prior to traveling to DC for the “Stop the Steal” rally, Taff had even assigned the students a video from the conspiratorial Epoch Times that pushed debunked claims from Rudy Giuliani about “illegal” ballots.

Aghast, Phetteplace and his wife have since pulled their son out of Taff’s class.

“There’s no place for any of this, especially in a school, because you have kids that are learning and figuring themselves out and trying to find out who they are,” said Phetteplace. “We’re trusting you to mold these kids and help them find themselves through education, and you’re abusing that.”

A lawyer representing Taff told BuzzFeed News the assigned video was not “required viewing, nor promoted as truth” and “was simply a discussion point as it was breaking news.”

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