"She's the worst enemy for most causes that she supposedly supports"

Was it always predictable how this was going to end?
You know, it doesn’t surprise me. I had hoped that she would say, “Hey, I’ve gotten elected. These people need representation. And this is not the [World Wrestling Federation].” She was the WWF candidate. And then she goes in and does a suplex on people and they’re like, “Wait, we don’t play that way.” But she’s just continued to do it.

The narrative she started running with after the [presidential] election. It was beyond “I’m concerned about some voter irregularities” and downright “Hugo Chavez was inside these Dominion machines” and “stop the steal.” Again, this is my biggest criticism of her, and I told her this. I said, “Marjorie, you are the worst enemy for every cause that you go after because you make yourself the story and you become the object of the attack, [instead of the story being] the issue you’re supporting.” As a conservative, you just double-hit yourself because it’s hard enough to get people to agree that personal responsibility, limited government, and fend-for-yourself sometimes is the right way to go.

You mentioned the “Stop the Steal” stuff. How much of an impact do you think that had, and her advocacy of it had, in hurting turnout for the Senate runoffs in January?
Absolutely huge. I will go on record as saying I honestly think the paradox of this whole thing is that she pinned herself as the biggest Trump supporter, but she hurt Trump in Georgia and then she hurt the two Senate candidates in the runoff. The data for that is there were 75,000 less Republicans that voted in her congressional district in the runoff than did in the general. Compared to 15,000 less Democrats. That margin alone would have won it for both Loeffler and Perdue.