Lincoln Project threatens to "sue the s***" out of Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani replied, “He’s a—I don’t know if I can reveal his name, because we have that from anonymous sources…he worked in the past for [Sen. Mitt] Romney (R-Utah).”

“You’re killin me,” Bannon interrupted for a third time, telling Giuliani, “This is why we’re getting blown up all the time. You can’t throw a charge out there like that and then say ‘yeah I got a double secret probation guy who I can’t mention but he worked for Romney [and] worked for The Lincoln Project.'”…

The next day, as the clip continued to circulate online, The Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt tweeted out to his followers, “We are going to get to sue the s*** out of Rudy Guiliani. I’m so happy that I’m literally choked up.”