Kelli Ward dismisses calls for audit of Arizona GOP's election

In an Friday interview on KFYI, reported by the Arizona Republic, Ward said there was “no procedure, process, rule that allows for it to be done, and you certainly don’t allow a challenger who lost an election to demand something that they don’t have the right to, and we don’t have the responsibility for providing.”

The state party also posted a video message from Ward on Thursday evening. In it, she announced that the final count of all the votes cast by Republicans, including the vote to re-elect her as chair, had been provided by party members.

Ward didn’t directly address calls for an audit but shot down the possibility of revisiting the results.

“Because no one challenged the election on the day of the election, there were no complaints, and actually there was a lot of unity that was claimed there at that meeting, these are the final, final results of that election,” Ward said.