GOP quiet as pressure mounts to address Greene's conspiracy claims

The statement came as internal pressure was mounting for Republican leaders to address Ms. Greene’s comments. The Republican Jewish Coalition, which over the summer intervened in a rare move to back Ms. Greene’s primary challenger, disavowed the congresswoman in a scathing statement and said it was “working closely with the House Republican leadership regarding next steps.”

“She repeatedly used offensive language in long online video diatribes, promoted bizarre political conspiracy theories, and refused to admit a mistake after posing for photos with a longtime white supremacist leader,” the group said. “It is unfortunate that she prevailed in her election despite this terrible record.”…

On Friday evening, Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts and the chairman of the House Rules Committee, suggested Democrats could move unilaterally to strip Ms. Greene of her committees if Republicans did not act.

“We could break precedent,” Mr. McGovern said on CNN. “We should talk about that if nothing changes.”