Greene is another sign of the GOP's existential crisis

Greene’s presence is yet another sign of the existential crisis facing the Republican Party in the era of Trump. Some leaders want the party to evolve beyond Trump and reembrace traditional values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and the primacy of ethical leadership. Others might wish the same but are too intimidated or frightened to forsake Trump and the hold he retains over rank-and-file Republicans.

And, finally, there’s a group that zealously guards the Big Lies — such as a stolen presidential election — that Trump embodies. Greene is on the leading edge of this fearmongering.

At a minimum, she should be denied committee assignments and shunned by GOP donors. Other options include reprimand, censure or expulsion, particularly if she remains unapologetic or dodgy about her hate-filled views.

Throughout history, Democrats and Republicans have both had fringe or corrupt members in their midst. How GOP leaders deal with someone so obviously unfit for office will speak volumes about the party’s values.

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