Fauci: Vaccine rollout should prioritize people of color

What he’s saying: “I think that’s the one thing we really got to be careful of. We don’t want in the beginning … most of the people who are getting it are otherwise, well, middle-class white people.”

“You really want to get it to the people who are really the most vulnerable … you don’t want to have a situation where people who really are in need of it, because of where they are, where they live, what their economic status is, that they don’t have access to the vaccine.”

“You absolutely have to respect the hesitancy of the minority population. They keep coming back and saying the history of Tuskegee,” Biden’s chief medical officer said, referring to a situation in the 1930s in which the federal government denied Black men in Alabama treatment for syphilis and secretly documented how the disease destroyed their bodies over decades.