Poll: 56% support impeachment

A majority (56%) of Americans approve of the House of Representatives impeaching Trump for incitement of insurrection, while 42% disapprove. When the House impeached Trump the first time, 53% approved and 46% disapproved (January 2020). Partisan approval for the second impeachment stands at 92% among Democrats (versus 94% one year ago for the first impeachment), 52% among independents (51% in January 2020), and 13% among Republicans (versus 8% in January 2020).

When asked to characterize the incitement of insurrection charge, 53% say Trump’s conduct was definitely grounds for impeachment, 30% say some of his conduct was improper but did not rise to the level of impeachment, and 15% maintain he did nothing wrong. After Trump was acquitted in his first impeachment trial last year, 46% said his actions in that case were impeachable, 30% said they were improper but not impeachable, and 22% said he did nothing wrong (February 2020). Currently, 36% of Republicans say Trump did nothing wrong regarding the insurrection charge, which is down from 56% who said he did nothing wrong regarding the first impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

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