"I reached a point where I don't want to do this anymore"

“Bret, I couldn’t control them. They just started yelling at each other, and it would take me two minutes to say to them, ‘stop’ – to put my hand up to the camera like I did right there for them to get control of themselves,” Luntz said.

Panelists on the Zoom call may have been able to hear themselves talking, but the level of crosstalk made the conversation inaudible for large stretches.

One of the more heated exchanges came when a former Trump voter who switched to Biden said he was glad that the new president seems more focused on dealing with the pandemic than Trump was.

“That’s kind of why I left Trump, because he kind of just blew off COVID. He thought it was a big joke,” the panelist, listed as Jim from Michigan, said.

“It is a joke,” Pamela from Texas replied.

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