Blocking Donald Trump from running again is anti-democratic

Over 74 million Americans who voted to clean up the Washington establishment are being told by that same establishment for whom they will be allowed to vote. The current Joe Biden supporters who, in 2024, might react to a failing economy, a bloated incompetent bureaucracy, and a series of disasters in foreign and national security policy by wanting to support the former president are being told that option will be denied them by some members of Congress.

This is a violation of free speech and an abrogation of the very concept of government of, for and by the people.

Even if they could block Donald Trump from running again (and some lawyers believe that the U.S. Supreme Court would refuse to enforce such a rule on the grounds of free speech), they cannot block him from being politically active.

Any Senate action on impeachment will embitter millions of people, shatter the Republican Party and potentially set the stage for a third party. It would be an act of self-destruction by the establishment.