Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down

It wasn’t only Portland that experienced Inauguration Day rioting. In Seattle, hundreds of Antifa shut down traffic in downtown as they trashed roads and started street fires. They smashed up numerous businesses and the William Kenzo Nakamura Court House. They assaulted a citizen on the street. Like their black-clad brethren in Portland, they used umbrellas to shield one another. Around 7 p.m., they marched to Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, where they proceeded to vandalize and loot the original Starbucks, a popular tourist attraction. Police only managed to arrest three suspects.

The planned political violence in Seattle and Portland on Wednesday should have generated front-page headlines. The state headquarters of a governing political party was severely vandalized in broad daylight — the second attack on a Democrat Party building in Portland since November. But because the attackers espoused the right politics from the left, they are conveniently ignored by mainstream media and politicians.

Some believe Antifa would fade away after Biden’s electoral win. They’re wrong. With the convenient excuse of resisting “Donald Trump’s fascist regime” no longer applicable, Antifa are just getting started.