Within hours of calling for unity, Biden smashes norms to reward Big Labor

President Biden made an impassioned call for unity in an Inaugural Address that was praised across the media for reaffirming institutional norms. Yet within hours of being sworn in, Biden broke well established precedents to fire a top Labor official at the behest of his union allies.

Almost immediately after Biden took over, administration officials gave Peter Robb, general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, an ultimatum that if he did not resign by 5 p.m., he would be fired. Robb declined to resign and was immediately let go.

Historically, the position has been considered independent and the counsel is only replaced upon expiration of a term.

“Unions despise Robb and wanted to see him ousted quickly, even though presidents usually do not fire the NLRB’s general counsel, who acts as a quasi-prosecutor,” the Huffington Post reported. “Robb had more than nine months left in his four-year term at the board.”

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