Exiled Trump already fixated on who's blocking a comeback

Once ensconced in his new home base, the twice-impeached former commander in chief began making phone calls to ask questions about a potential Senate impeachment trial and if some Republican lawmakers will vote to bar him from ever again holding the office of the presidency, according to two people with knowledge of the calls. He also inquired about what lawyers would be good to place on a potential legal team to fight back in a Senate proceeding…

“I thought he looked a little sad. It was a very emotional morning, for sure. People were sad to see the president leave. These were his true supporters,” said Stephen Moore, an informal economic adviser to Trump who attended his farewell ceremony on Wednesday morning. “[But] I was glad to be there this morning to see the president off.” Moore said he still believes that Trumpism is “going to be an important part of the Republican message for years to come.”

Still, the day prior to the 45th U.S. president’s departure from Washington power, Trump let it be known to aides and close associates that he still had no intention of taking the high road. Behind closed doors on Tuesday, Trump predicted that Biden’s inauguration festivities would be “boring,” and joked that he wasn’t sure his Democratic successor would even be able to get through his inaugural speech without fumbling his words, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter.

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