The Trump GOP is dead. The time to replace it is now.

With this in mind, a new conservative party must commit to a few basic fundamentals and determine how to implement them so they stick. The GOP must reduce the size of the federal government, so that members of society begin to rely on each other as individuals, families, private businesses, and charities. Republicans must support state-level deregulation and tax cuts to stimulate the free market.

Going forward, promoting the cause of liberty must be paramount in every federal entity, whether it’s military spending, education, or foreign relations. Does this action make people more or less free? That should be the rallying cry of the new Republican Party. The answer to that question will always tell Republicans whether or not we are on the right track, just as the answer to that question informed the same Republicans that a riot at the Capitol happened after it was based on a lie, inside a distortion of truth, power, and what it means to love God, country, and freedom.

After four years of Trump, the Republican Party is wounded and weary. Some wounds are self-inflicted; others are not. But let this be a clarifying moment, not a moment in which we give in to defeat. Let us take stock of what we have done wrong, what we have learned, and vow to make it right.

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