Spooked residents fear backyard MAGA mobs at inauguration

As virtually all of downtown Washington, D.C., is locked down behind layers of fences, Secret Service security checkpoints, and National Guard roadblocks, Groom is one of many residents worried that if another violent protest does erupt, it will be pushed into the outlying neighborhoods because the mob won’t be able to get near the event they’re trying to protest.

“If they can’t get close to the Capitol to protest in a march, I don’t know where they march,” she said. “They could come in from the surrounding areas, just traipsing through my neighborhood.”

“Everyone we talk to in DC is only talking about this, right? And there is a cloud of tension and anxiety,” she added.

Residents of a city still scarred and reeling from the Capitol attack earlier this month have been airing similar fears on neighborhood internet message boards, and business owners have appealed to the local government officials who represent them for reassurance.