I interned in Trump’s White House – am I now unemployable?

I worked in the White House as an intern last year. With the threats to blacklist Trump supporters, should I leave this experience off my résumé?

According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the executive branch workforce is composed of over 2 million civilian workers. They all work for the president of the United States. Should we ban all those workers? Millions of people choose to work for a company or institution because they believe in that purpose, and not necessarily because they support the leader. That said, when looking for a job we are all evaluated by our skills, experience, where we worked and who we worked for. Employers can’t discriminate on the basis of protected reasons under the law, but working for the federal government during the Trump administration is not a protected reason. The reality is that some prospective employers may reject your résumé, in the same way that they might not hire someone who worked for a big pharmaceutical company, tobacco company, or any other firm they find objectionable. If you omit the internship from your résumé, how will you explain the gap? Consider focusing on the experience you gained. An opportunity to have worked in the White House is a unique and awesome experience.

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