Welcome to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s new abnormal

There is lots of talk these days about the “big lie,” but perhaps the biggest is that America would return to normal when Trump was out of the way. He will be gone Wednesday at noon, but normalcy is nowhere to be seen.

Look at Washington, turned into a garrison town of fences, barbed wire and armed soldiers patrolling the streets. Is this a normal inauguration?

The visible response to the storming of Congress mirrors the rhetoric coming from Pelosi, who rushed a meaningless impeachment of Trump in just one day.

Before Pelosi, in the entire history of the United States, presidential impeachment was used only twice. She doubled that total in the last 13 months. Trump is her white whale.

If the departure of Trump could cure what ails America, we should be seeing signs of it already. But the victory has only stoked the anger of those who never accepted him as president.