Republicans wonder how, and if, they can reunite the party

The Republican fault lines go in every direction: between the grassroots and the establishment, between big donors and aspiring presidential candidates, between House and Senate leaders.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz says he’s seen intraparty battles before, “but this one is so deep and so polarizing — and people are so passionate about it — I don’t know how you heal it. I don’t know how you bring these people together.”

The biggest internal division right now, says Luntz, is between Republicans who voted for impeachment and voters who opposed it. He found in research this week that 43% of Trump voters say they would definitely vote against any lawmaker who supports impeachment.

“That makes it impossible for Republicans to put together a majority by 2022, and in fact, that’s a direct threat to the existence of the Republican Party overall,” Luntz said.

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