The sad descent of the Flight 93 apologists

She goes on to blast Lowry for taking issue with “Flight 93’s” thesis, which was not only that Republicans needed to get behind Trump because the American Left is bad and even dangerous — a truth that is axiomatic to those of us on the Right but that Ingraham treats as a brilliant fresh insight — but also that we needed a different kind of conservatism than that represented by Mitt Romney (whom Ingraham criticizes in the segment, but went to bat for as “the conservative’s conservative” back in 2008). A conservatism that not only tolerated Donald Trump’s dishonorable behavior, but justified it.

Since Trump won the White House, Anton has largely got his wish. The consequences of the MAGAified Republican Party’s embrace of Trump and his incivility, his power worship, and his ends-justify-the-means ethic were made sadly obvious by last week’s assault on the Capitol, which was egged on by the president himself. Not to mention that Trump has given us unified Democratic control of the federal government. That’s what prompted Lowry’s column.

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