"He won't last until the primary"

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) faces not only a possible primary but also a Capitol Hill challenge to her post as the third-ranking House Republican thanks to her vote. Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), a new member, saw his 2020 primary opponent file to run again on Thursday. Rice, who represents a deep-red district that Trump carried by 18 points in November, might face the toughest path back to office. “A lot can happen in a year and a half,” said Nate Leupp, chairman of the Greenville County GOP. “But I think he needs to be planning for another line of work.”…

But a trip through official GOP pages on Facebook, where MAGA-world conspiracies have found fertile ground to spread, offers a glimpse at the perilous atmosphere these lawmakers are facing. In the hours after Wednesday’s vote, the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump saw their social media pages deluged with the kind of feedback that might accompany such a historic vote. Many of the notes were complimentary, many were not, but most critics were relatively tame—if angrily stating their vow to never vote for the person ever again.

Some messages, however, read as especially chilling in light of the extrajudicial violence attempted on Jan. 6, a day when unhinged internet rhetoric seemed to become real in terrifying fashion. “He won’t last until the primary,” said one commenter on the Facebook page of the South Carolina GOP, which posted a message on Wednesday criticizing Rice for his vote. “This is an attempted insurrection. Tribunals coming.” Deeper in the comment thread, one user posted Rice’s personal cell phone number and urged others to have at it.

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