Schumer's left-wing Senate wish list should be dead on arrival

Schumer’s subtle, ominous mention of “restor[ing] workers’ rights and fairness in our tax code” refers, in fact, to something quite extreme — first, a national abolition of state “right to work” laws, and second, tax increases on the middle class. The latter could be especially pernicious because Schumer is on the record wanting to raise taxes in order to pay for the restoration of big tax deductions for his wealthiest suburban constituents that were abolished by President Trump’s tax reform bill.

Schumer’s talk of a measure to “defeat the climate crisis by investing in clean infrastructure and manufacturing” is an apparent reference to the $90 trillion Green New Deal. Or maybe, it just implies a dismantling of the nation’s profitable, self-sustaining, and world-leading fossil fuel production industry.

Then, Schumer goes on to say that “that’s just the beginning.”

In the current tense political environment, neither Schumer nor President-elect Joe Biden should be riling up their base with hopes of such transformative measures. And the notion that an attack on the Capitol somehow figures into this is just a non sequitur.