The media's cynical "seditious" shame

How exactly does one vote “to commit sedition”? What other congressional procedures and lawsuits does Tapper consider to be treasonous?

Rioters carrying zip ties into the Capitol building, threatening lawmakers, murdering a police officer, and disrupting democracy are surely a better fit for the “seditious” label. Not only for the obvious reasons, but also because their grievances were being heard even as they turned violent. However, casting objections in Congress or taking your gripes to a court might be extraordinarily wrongheaded, completely ridiculous, or politically destructive — as I believe the objections to certifying Joe Biden’s win were — but lawful opposition and working within the system are not sedition by any conception. Unless you believe the system itself allows for this kind of perfidy.

Tapper’s absurd position reminds me of MAGA fans who passionately claim that impeachment — a mechanism in the Constitution — is somehow unpatriotic. Donald Trump’s post-election behavior was deeply irresponsible, conspiratorial, unpresidential, and incited — not in the legal sense, but in the moral one — a lot of the anger we saw last Wednesday. Congress has every right to remove him. And Mast has every right to vote “no.” If his constituents don’t like it, they can find someone else to represent them. That’s democracy.

Or is it only “democracy” if lawmakers vote in a way Jake Tapper approves?

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