Jared and Ivanka face cold post-insurrection reality

Ivanka Trump was among those who pushed her father to make the Twitter video that ultimately got him banned in the wake of the riot, according to a White House official.

In it he told rioters to “go home,” but in an off-script moment added, “We love you.”

From her office in the West Wing, Ivanka Trump was fielding calls from Capitol Hill politicians who were literally hiding from a vicious and violent mob. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a ubiquitous presence with the President during golf outings and holiday jaunts to Mar-a-Lago, could not get in touch with Trump to beseech him to publicly call for a stop to the insurrection, a source familiar with the conversation told CNN. So Graham called Ivanka Trump, pleading for her to help talk to her dad.

Kushner intervened when other officials tried restoring the President’s social media presence on sites that are often havens for extremists, such as Gab, following the unprecedented ban from several major platforms.

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