“He’s asked for the numbers several times”

In recent days, some aides and close advisers to Trump have printed out and flagged for him a new set of surveys published by news organizations, polling groups, and one of Trump’s former top pollsters that show the president continues to maintain solid popularity among Republican voters and the base, according to two people familiar with the practice.

“He’s asked for the numbers several times,” one of the people said. “They’re still good and we believe they’ll go back up.” This source said that Trump wanted the numbers promoted on Trump social media. The president himself can’t because he was banned from Twitter, his preferred Big Tech platform, late last week following wide condemnation over his role in inspiring his supporters to launch what became the bloody, anti-democratic riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C…

In a recent Ipsos poll conducted for Axios, 63 percent of Republicans said they approved of Trump’s recent behavior compared to 42 percent for Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who is one of the powerful former allies and top enablers of President Trump who is even considering voting to convict the president in a possible impeachment trial.

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