They laughed it off

They laughed her off like every other clear and present danger posed by the Trump administration. They waved her away. They mocked her, blinded with their denialism, content in their smugness, and haughty in their total lack of concern for the health and safety of others.

It was like a dark and twisted vignette from Mean Girls. (Wear a mask? “You can’t do that. That’s social suicide. Damn, you are so lucky you have us to guide you!”) Only this time, these arrogant juveniles weren’t refusing someone a seat at their table. They were potentially putting their colleagues—including, for all they cared to know, some with special health concerns, or with vulnerable family members—at risk of serious illness.

If the rioters egged on by the president they so proudly supported weren’t going to kill them all, these Republicans don’t care if COVID does.

As of this writing, three Democrats have reported testing positive for COVID, apparently as a result of the lockdown.

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