Republicans must step up to stop the violence Trump won't

Republicans in Congress who won’t call out both his incitement and his conduct in the hours following the invasion of the Capitol — from refusing leaders’ calls to delaying a response to delighting in the visions of anarchy he saw on television — are failing their government, their constituents and their country. They tell the world we are broken, and that even insurrection and threats to their own safety as representatives of our government are simply another primary election concern, or a news cycle to “move on” from. They have violated their oath to the Constitution.

The country is in danger, as extremists are planning armed confrontations at state capitols and a Million Militia March in Washington between Jan. 16-20. Members of Congress face escalating threats to their safety in Washington and at home in their districts. We now know the attack last week was intentional, planned by Trump’s “fighters” who — using maps of the building — brought weapons, radios, zip ties, flash-bang grenades and homemade napalm. It could have easily turned into a mass-casualty event. Our government had the intelligence, and the warning, but did not act on it…

At this moment, with Big Tech blocking those who provoke violence and corporate America refusing to donate to seditionist lawmakers, Republicans should be reflecting on what they can do to help their country and fix their party. Doubling down on a violent movement stoked by a dangerous leader, and continuing a lie that has deranged people, damaged democracy and taken five lives, is pure nihilism. These threats are real and ongoing, and congressional Republicans cannot play dumb. They must announce that the election was not stolen, and that the legitimate next president is being sworn in on Jan. 20. If impeachment is too divisive for them, they can “unify” the country by working to stop any further violence from Trump supporters. Tweets, press statements, videos, press conferences — all of it should be employed.