The Cheney-McCarthy rift busts open

But while Cheney’s impeachment stance might earn her plaudits in some corners of the conference, not everyone was pleased: House Freedom Caucus Chair Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), one of the ringleaders of the challenge to President-elect Joe Biden’s win, called on Cheney to resign from her leadership post.

“She should not be serving this conference,” Biggs told reporters in the Capitol Tuesday. “That’s it.” The Freedom Caucus once cost McCarthy a shot at the speakership, and the conservative hard-liners still hold sway in the House GOP…

McCarthy had previously made the calculated call to go all-in on Trump, with some Republicans saying he took the 2020 gain in House seats as a sign that keeping the party attached to Trump was their way to win back the House in 2022.

But as some Republicans have noted, that approach meant the House GOP was inextricably tied to Trump — even when he throws the country into chaos.

Adding to McCarthy’s woes, a growing number of corporate donors and business groups are paring back their political donations to members who voted against certification, putting one of McCarthy’s other strengths — fundraising — in jeopardy.

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