Inside the empty West Wing

A senior official described for MM the very strange scene inside the final days of the Trump White House. The president himself is rarely seen around the West Wing, only occasionally popping into the Oval Office and mostly ignoring any official duties. He is mostly just stewing in the residence, making phone calls, cut off from his Twitter addiction, facing another impeachment and finally resigned to leaving next week.

Official work still goes on, this person said, even as some high-level staff and Cabinet officials very publicly resign. Some who remain view the quitters as just show-boaters looking to score PR points after the Capitol attack disaster. If they were so righteous, this thinking goes, why didn’t they quit sooner? And why not stay around now and help those trying to wind things down with no more meltdowns?

Despite irritation with the quitters, pretty much everyone left now mostly loathes the president, especially for his treatment of Vice President Mike Pence, who spent four years as an unwaveringly loyal supporter before Trump jammed him under the bus and turned the VP into the ultimate villain to MAGA world.

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