Experts warn of inauguration threat to soft targets, "fully expect violence"

With President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration looming on Jan. 20 amid one of the most serious political crises in the country’s modern history, experts expressed concern to Newsweek that the event itself may not necessarily be the primary focus for President Donald Trump loyalists seeking to disrupt the transition of power by attacking more vulnerable targets around the nation.

“Soft targets, crowded places, and critical infrastructure remain an attractive target to domestic terrorists and to those who wish to embarrass the government,” Brian Harrell, former Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security, told Newsweek…

“Given the significant security failures of Jan. 6th, law enforcement will be ready this time for extremists and bad actors to return,” Harrell said. “Layers of security, standoff distancing, and ‘surge’ teams will be used to minimize violence near the inaugural events.”

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