Bolton urges Republicans to "purge the taint of Trumpism"

“There has to be a serious conversation in the Republican Party about how to remove the taint of what Trump has done, how to repair the damage,” Bolton told MSNBC’s Katy Tur. “And while I think the damage is considerable, I think it can be repaired, and it should be repaired. And it should be — from the purely limited perspective of the party, it should be the highest priority going forward.”…

Bolton called Trump an “aberration in American politics,” and pushed back on the idea that the whole Republican Party was responsible for Trump’s behavior and repeated dismantling of norms.

“I don’t think you can attribute Trump to everybody else,” Bolton said. “To try and blame everybody else, I think, is simply more Washington politics. The focus here should be on the real problem, the center of the problem, and that’s Donald Trump.

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