America's future is in jeopardy

It looks to me very much like the titans of Silicon Valley are now working together to try to censor Trump and his closest followers. This is another huge mistake. Just as Brexit voters were ridiculed for being uneducated, knuckle-dragging racists, the Washington elite looks down on MAGA supporters. But there are a lot of them—and if social media companies and the Democratic Party think that silencing Trump will make these tens of millions of people disappear overnight, they are in for a terrible shock.

If Trump is inadvertently elevated to the status of sainthood via the reactions of his opponents, there is a plausible danger that the anger and contempt which already exists against the political establishment will give rise to a new and powerful far-right movement in America. Its leaders would make Trump look like a centrist.

As things stand, I believe this could easily happen. I pray, therefore, that the victors of 2020 step back and take stock of what they are doing and how they are behaving. If they don’t, I fear for America’s future.