Rise above party to defend democracy

I’m inspired by what I witnessed during this volatile election cycle – thousands of Americans regardless of political affiliation who rose above partisan differences to defend our Constitutional Republic when it came under attack. Donald Trump and those who aided and abetted him in his relentless assault on our Democracy – including Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz – must be denounced. In particular, I made it clear to Senator Cruz, whom I have known for years, before the Joint Session of Congress, that if he proceeded to object to the Electoral count of the legitimate slates of delegates certified by the States, I could no longer support him. In moments like this, all freedom loving Americans must put the survival of our democracy above loyalty to any party or individual. Now we must also begin the hard work of holding those accountable who committed violence, improving confidence in our elections and closing the vulnerabilities revealed by this dark chapter in our history so that all Americans can enjoy our beloved democracy for generations to come. If you want to join us in that critical mission, we welcome you to join us at CSD (https://citizensstrongdemocracy.org/).