With reckless DC riots, Trump betrayed his base — and his political future

The president did nothing to stop the carnage other than to say inaccurately in a Twitter video that the election was stolen and that his people should go home.

Trump and the mob have given his critics the proof they had always wanted. From this point forward, the rioters will forever be synonymous with Trumpism. His populist platform, which had given voice and hope to marginalized, working-class people across the country, will now be discredited.

Jamie Roe, a Trump voter from Sterling Heights, Mich., said any remaining goodwill toward the president evaporated on Wednesday.

“So did any chance he had to run again,” Roe said, about speculation Trump might campaign for president in 2024. “His brand is ruined. Ruined. He took everything he accomplished and threw it all away. He had an opportunity to use his final weeks in office to push the distribution of the vaccine and give people a chance to miss what he had accomplished. Instead, he used it as a month’s long temper tantrum.

“What he did was a betrayal.”

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