Condemnation – and support: Trump's midwest base split by Capitol attack

“I thought what happened was appalling, the violence,” said Terri Burl, a substitute teacher and former Republican party chair in northern Wisconsin who was an early member of Women for Trump. “We’re not violent people. The violent people are on the left.”

But Burl struggles when asked if Trump bears responsibility because of his incendiary speech to the Save America rally immediately before the Capitol was stormed.

“This is a real tough one because on one hand he knows that the election integrity was in question and he wanted us to go to DC, and wanted us to support him. He didn’t want people to be violent. They were violent, though. Do I think his rhetoric might have caused that? Well, yeah, maybe to some of these people whose brains aren’t quite the proper way.

“When he said, fight for me he doesn’t mean use violence. It means, support me by going there, tell your representatives what you want them to do. I really don’t believe in my heart, that he thought there was going to be violence.”

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