About "election integrity"

Anyone who did not actively oppose the president’s efforts—which did not begin on January 6, 2021, but had been ongoing since the early morning hours of November 4, 2020—was part of this effort to destroy our electoral system. Their concerns about “protecting” it now cannot be taken seriously.

The fact is that almost every single one of the Republicans who talk about “election integrity” now were sitting shotgun in the Coupmobile until the moment things went south…

Everyone who still thinks we have to look into legitimate concerns about “election integrity” in the 2020 election following this failed attempt to overturn the election is being willfully dishonest. And all of them were either actively abetting this attack on our democracy or trying to discredit those who were sounding the alarm.

Their “concerns” are premised on the Trump-mandated lie that this election was not secure, that there is some question about whether it was conducted fairly, that the Venezuelans hacked the voting machines, that there is coordinated fraud in majority black cities, and so on and so forth. Everyone just knows that these things are true and the fact that none of them has been proven only serves to underscore how big the conspiracy is. Just ask Eric Metaxas.