Twitter banned Trump because he's not worth $2B to the brand anymore

Trump, one week ago the de facto presidential front-runner, is now damaged goods. He personally has zero political value, and thanks to his bloody bet, all chatter of his spawn and whomever his spawn is sleeping at the moment running for elected office will never be taken seriously again. Talk of removing Trump from office via impeachment or the 25th Amendment was roundly considered laughable by conservatives across the spectrum just days ago. Today, the White House is bleeding staff, ranging from Trump loyalists like Stephanie Grisham to Cabinet secretaries such as Elaine Chao and Betsy DeVos.

Twitter is still a publicly traded company. It has earnings reports to post and investors to report to. Jack Dorsey may be an ascetic weirdo who’s happy to survive traveling through San Francisco’s poop-ridden streets by foot and with five meals a week, but the rest of his staff is not. The reins of control have been held by Vijaya Gadde, the head of legal, policy, and trust for Twitter, for years now. Gadde earned a glossy Politico profile back in October for slowly shutting conservatives out of the site, and hundreds of twenty-somethings who scorn the fact that they turned down slightly better BCG salaries upon graduation look to activists like Gadde to virtue-signal just enough to convince them that they make a difference. Sure, the public forum of ideas and free speech as a guiding principle should be included in the notion of corporate social responsibility, but classical liberalism or even ideological diversity are no longer values of the technocratic class.

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