The headwinds that await a "Trump TV"

If and when Donald Trump appears live, on the air after the election, there is about a 99.9 percent chance he’ll claim that the election was stolen from him. There’s a roughly equivalent chance that at some point, he will claim that Smartmatic and Dominion were part of a vast conspiracy to change votes and steal the election for Biden.

And then the lawyers from Smartmatic and Dominion will rev their engines.

Television networks love big audiences and controversy that attracts them. But they don’t like expensive lawsuits. And Trump, at least in his current temperament, will be a walking lightning rod for lawsuits.

Another challenge that will face any “Trump TV” will be the question of how much Trump appears in other venues. Any network that wants to turn into Trump TV will want to tout itself as the only place to see Trump and get his take on things. Maybe the former president will still do the occasional interview with Maria Bartiromo or other Fox News favorites, but every other media appearance by Trump will lessen the exclusivity of “Trump TV.”