Trump's phone call could sabotage Georgia and get him indicted

The other issue here is what the President said. The common interpretation is the anti-Trump interpretation and he said a lot that makes it hard to look at it any other way. It is notable that the pro-Trump response has been to attack Brad Raffensperger for leaking the call, not to defend the content of the call.

Fulton County, Georgia has a brand new female District Attorney. She’s a Democrat who just came through a brutal election and her platform is anti-corruption. The President called into Fulton County, Georgia to, as some claim, commit a crime. She could indict him.

So too could an ambitious new US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. Joe Biden will pick a Democrat. If that US Attorney indicted the President, who would stop him? If Loeffler wins, in two years the Democrats nationally would rally to the candidacy of a US Attorney with the testicular fortitude to indict the former President of the United States.

President Trump was not smart in how he handled that phone call.

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