Trump's allies become the Swamp: The "electoral commission" gambit

They have labored to delegitimize an election in which Republicans, while narrowly losing the presidency, did spectacularly well down-ballot. This effectively bids Democrats to challenge critical GOP wins in the House, the Senate, and the state governments. They have positioned Republicans as favoring the disenfranchisement of voters in battleground states that Republicans must win if they are to win the presidency in the future — a stance that could be justifiable if pervasive fraud had been proved but is suicidal when it has not.

They have unfathomably abetted the Left’s project to eradicate the Electoral College. They have laid the groundwork for Democrats to argue in 2024 that Vice President Kamala Harris, a fierce partisan, has the power to negate the electoral votes in states won by the Republican candidate. They have invited Democrats, in future elections, to convene illegitimate Democratic electoral slates to undermine Republican slates duly certified to cast Electoral College votes in states Republicans have won.

And now, in one fell swoop, a faction of the GOP — the party of limited government — urges that the Swamp has the power to invalidate every state’s sovereign determination, under its laws, of its presidential electors. Not just invalidate such determinations in defiance of federalist principles, and not just in defiance of the Twelfth Amendment, under which Congress’s role in electoral-vote counting is strictly ministerial. They further urge defiance of an unambiguous statute that Congress has never even tried to repeal since it was enacted 134 years ago.

If these are the Republicans, who needs Democrats?