President Trump is set for his last stand

So far, however, there is concern among many in the GOP that his attacks on the integrity and competence of Georgia’s Republican governor and secretary of state might lead many of his supporters to stay home Tuesday. On Friday, he inexplicably tweeted that both runoffs are “illegal and invalid.”

Moreover, the president’s initial support and then criticism of the COVID stimulus package as a “disgrace” is giving Dems ammunition to portray McConnell as an obstructionist for blocking direct votes on the $2,000-per-person checks that Trump suddenly embraced. Dems point to the episode as a reason why they should control the Senate.

If that weren’t enough, hovering in the background is the question of how Trump leaves the Oval Office. I have never doubted he would do so voluntarily, and the fact that he and Melania are searching in Florida for a home and a school for their son illustrates he has privately accepted the reality of a Biden presidency, even as he rails against the results and exercises every possible right to contest them.

By convincing many Republicans to object to the certification, he has extended those rights to Wednesday. As president, it is his last stand.

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