McConnell loses control

In short, there’s a growing rebellion inside the GOP conference instigated by President Donald Trump, who promises more GOP senators will join the effort and also called for mass protests in D.C. on Wednesday. (Yes, the Proud Boys and right-wing militias will be there, and, yes, there is cause for concern about the prospect of violence.)

We can’t say this emphatically enough: This does not happen to Mitch McConnell. For four years, the Senate leader has managed to maintain order in his ranks as Trump unleashes daily mayhem on the GOP from the White House. That’s all gone to hell.

As a reminder, here’s how this happened: Trump manufactured election fraud claims, which led his supporters to believe those false claims, which led these Republican senators to cite “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud” and “deep distrust of our democratic processes” as justification for their Wednesday plan. Circle of life.