After Trump's drubbing in the courts, liberals fear a legal hangover

“There is some risk that some of these decisions that have come in post-election litigation could be bad for progressive plaintiffs going forward if you have courts choose to extend some of these doctrines towards pre-election challenges,” said Jon Greenbaum, chief counsel at the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “There is some danger in that.”…

Nearly every decision now stands as precedent that Republicans or state officials can seek to wield against Democrats or civil rights groups in the endless legal wars that surround the U.S. electoral system. Lawyers who handle such cases have no doubt the turnabout is coming, although they differ over its significance.

“The rulings on standing will be important down the road. They will make it harder for individual voters to have standing to bring these challenges,” Republican election lawyer Jason Torchinsky said. “We’ve also seen the federal judiciary is really skeptical about challenges to duly-enacted laws. This is going to make it harder for the left or right to bring challenges to voting laws.”