The new center of Trump's political world: Palm Beach

Some Trump supporters have settled in South Florida, drawn by Florida’s friendly tax climate and the state’s current GOP leadership. Other prominent MAGA groups, like the student organizing outfit Turning Point USA, are holding events in the area. And the next Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual gathering of the GOP’s most conservative factions, will even be held a couple hours drive north, in Orlando.

Meanwhile, the president and First Lady Melania Trump are renovating their private quarters at Mar-a-Lago to prepare for a permanent return. And, with an eye toward their political future, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have reportedly bought a multi-million dollar property in an exclusive part of Miami. The Trump kids plan to spend more time in Palm Beach, unless Eric’s wife Lara Trump ends up running for Senate in North Carolina, according to a person close to the family.

Taken together, the moves will inevitably make the Palm Beach area and Florida ground zero for the MAGA movement, giving Trump convenient access to potential donors and some of his most devoted allies as he plots a potential 2024 comeback bid. Unlike previous presidents, like Barack Obama and George W. Bush, who quietly entered their post-presidency and spent time working on their books or picking up oil painting, Trump is expected to cannonball into his next chapter by keeping a hold on his political base with the help of his family, antagonizing the Biden administration on Twitter, and holding MAGA events. Supporters will continue to flock to Palm Beach, even as it grates on many long-time residents, who see their locale as a quiet enclave above politics and are fighting the president over a permanent move to Mar-a-Lago.