Trump presidential museum will have "unconventional" story to tell

Watson said previous former presidents have built their libraries in partnership with the NARA. But Watson, who co-founded a Truman Little White House symposium, said he fears the relationship between Trump and the federal records administration “would be testy at best, if non-existent” as have been the president’s dealings with government agencies.

Worse, Watson said he is concerned a Trump museum would become “a monument to himself.” Rather than a dispassionate telling of the story of the past four years, Watson said, Trump will want his version — and only his view — of events, .

Watson, who is on the board of the foundation that raises money for the Truman Little White House, said he has visited almost all the presidential libraries. While all have “a degree of celebratory” feel to their exhibits, he said the the facilities are “dedicated” to a fair telling of history and preserving “access to records.”

“The thing that has always been remarkable to me is how honest and forthright they are,” he said of the presidential museums. “These libraries show the president’s legacy with all of its warts and pimples.”

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