No fraud found in Georgia signature audit of Cobb County ballots

“Of the 150,431 absentee ballots received by Cobb County elections officials during the November elections, the audit ‘reviewed 15,118 ABM ballot oath envelopes from randomly selected boxes,’ or around 10% of the total,” the release states. “The sample size was originally chosen to meet the 99 percent confidence threshold.”

The audit found “no fraudulent absentee ballots” with a 99 percent confidence threshold, the release states.

The audit found that only two ballots should have been identified by Cobb County elections officials for cure notification that weren’t.

“In one case, the ballot was ‘mistakenly signed by the elector’s spouse,’ and in the other, the voter ‘reported signing the front of the envelope only,’” the release states. “In both cases, the identified voters filled out the ballots themselves.”