The 10 worst things Trump did in 2020

3. He is failing to distribute more than half the available doses of vaccine. His administration is undermining the success of Operation Warp Speed by distributing only about 18 million doses this year when about 40 million will be available — leaving about 22 million Americans without any immunity during the deadliest period since the pandemic began.

2. He lost a winnable election and then refused to accept the results — or his own responsibility for losing. Trump lost because he alienated millions who approved of his policies but were tired of chaos. His mocking of Joe Biden’s cognitive struggles offended seniors, and their support for Trump declined by five points in Arizona and 11 points in Georgia compared with 2016. And after winning suburban voters by two points in 2016, he lost them by 10 this year. If he had performed with these groups the way he did four years ago, no amount of real or imagined fraud could have deprived him of a second term.