Massachusetts GOP leader says he likely got COVID at WH party

“Lets put it this way: When I went down to Washington, D.C., for the White House Hanukkah event, I was perfectly fine,” Mountain, 60, told WJAR. “And three days later after that event, I was in the hospital … ready to be put on a lifesaving ventilator.”

The Dec. 9 event where Mountain believes he contracted the coronavirus was one of at least 25 indoor holiday celebrations the White House scheduled despite warnings from the Trump administration’s public health experts to avoid large gatherings and travel to mitigate the spread of a virus that has killed more than 333,000 Americans…

Mountain, sporting a “Trump” jacket and a red, white and blue tie, also strolled through the East Wing without a mask.

“People would just leisurely and gingerly take off their mask to mingle, to schmooze,” he told WJAR. “I don’t even think some people wore masks the entire time. And again, I was guilty as anyone else. I just wasn’t wearing a mask.”