Why Nashville investigators feared copycat attacks by 5G conspiracy theorists

Domestic intelligence agencies have warned that conspiracy theorists might attack “critical infrastructure,” including the electrical grid near vulnerable quarantine areas, health care facilities, government buildings, and 5G cell towers.

Anti-5G conspiracies have steadily grown since 2016, when telecommunications companies began installing Fifth Generation (5G) wireless technology infrastructure throughout America. Social media has been awash with conspiracy theories about 5G, a movement that has grown in size and intensity with the COVID-19 pandemic…

In the United States, Tennessee has been a particular hotbed of anti-5G activity, leading the FBI to initially suspect that this was the motive for Anthony Warner’s intentional demolition of his RV in front of the AT&T building in downtown Nashville. Last December 4, according to reporting from the Bureau, arson caused an estimated $120,000 in damages after fire was set to several cellphone towers in the Memphis area, the first 5G physical attacks in America. Through February 17, four additional 5G cell tower attacks occurred in Tennessee, and local fire departments investigated more than a half dozen additional arsons in March and April, many of the latter attacks now connected to COVID-19 and an anti-5G constituency obsessed with a 5G-COVID-19 connection.