Why these Fox News loyalists have changed the channel to Newsmax

Comparing Newsmax’s weekday performance between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. to Fox’s, though, Newsmax has experienced a 497 percent viewership increase — during the post-election period, but excluding Thanksgiving — while Fox has experienced a 38 percent decline…

“The night of the election completely did it. I haven’t turned on Fox News since,” said Jami Salamida, 43, a paralegal who lives in West Virginia. She watched Fox for two decades and now said she watches between eight and 10 hours of Newsmax each day.

While Fox’s coverage of the presidential election was a flash point for many of the network’s defectors, for some it was merely the latest and most pivotal grievance they have had with the network’s programming.

“The cherry on the cake was when they called the results of Arizona,” said 60-year-old Donna Cumella, who works in IT in New York.